The Seriti™ Course in Greatness

“Every person already has power, it’s just a matter of peeling away the stuff that shadows who you are and what you are capable of…”

1 Year | 13 Sessions | 3 Inspiring Goals of Your Choice | Tools, Knowledge, Exploration

This is not a sales page, we could never put to words everything Seriti™ is about. All we can do is give you an outline of what people have experienced thus far and urge you to try it out. You will need courage and a true desire for inner growth and change.

Do you want something different for your life?

We invite you to try out the Seriti™ programme.

Designed by Dr Swart, this course is created to facilitate a journey to your truth, to deeper self-awareness, understanding and acceptance, to bring alive the life and reality you really want.

Using predominantly coaching, your Seriti™ Facilitator will guide you to:

  • Set three big, exciting goals (if they don’t make you a little nervous, then we didn’t set them right)
  • Achieve these goals, dealing with challenges that come up along the way
  • Change habits that you have been struggling to change your whole life
  • Gain mastery of your thinking patterns
  • Find even more strength within yourself than you ever knew you had
  • Gain a better understanding of your own values, thinking and belief systems
  • Break free from inner limitations, boundaries and self-sabotage
  • Build upon your own greatness, existing strengths and talents
  • Accept and work with the parts of you that you have been fighting
  • Live consciously
  • And more…
One session at a time, you will be guided to clarity around what you really want your life to be about and then moved towards making that happen. With tools to help you make sense of a life that sometimes seems a mess, knowledge to guide your thinking and guidance to move your heart to emotional mastery, the aim of Seriti™ is for you to find and be YOU.
More than anything, Seriti™ provides a safe space to grow and BE. Facilitated in groups of no more than ten members, what is shared stays safe, supported and confidential.

A key aspect to this course (and in fact the whole vibe of Seriti™) is the lack of judgment. This is about you and your truth and your greatness, not about what we think you should be doing or about what we think is great or about who we think you should be.

P.S. the Seriti™ programme has been developed and tailored for different groups and can be facilitated with any group, corporate, family or friend. A tailor-made programme has also been specifically adapted for under 18’s – you will never regret giving your child the opportunity to dream, set goals, strategize and effectively deal with their emotions, fears, doubts, strengths and weaknesses.