Private Coaching

In addition to the Seriti™ programme, some of our facilitators offer private coaching that is usually one on one, done Face to Face, via Skype or telephonically. These sessions offer intensive focus on your goals, the challenges you are facing and usually last about one hour, for 12 sessions.

Contact us at to request a private coach.

Why Coaching?

  • Coaching is for you if you are ready to make changes in your life and business. Your life or business does not necessarily have to be bad and you don’t necessarily have to be desperate.
  • Coaching gives you a space to reflect, to see things you normally wouldn’t, to grow, develop yourself and live from your truth. It’s not therapy. It’s not being told what to do. It’s a space unlike any other, without judgment and where the only expectation is for you to be YOU.
  • Your coach is trained to look at things objectively, to see how you think, to connect to your dreams and aspirations and to help you make the changes you need to make in order to achieve these.

How do You Know You Need Coaching?

  • If you keep trying to change something in your life, but old habits and ways of thinking hold you back.
  • If you are happy, but you still feel something is missing, as though your soul is trying to tell you there’s a secret you haven’t quite grasped and a fulfilment level you haven’t reached.
  • If you aren’t happy, life has no direction or meaning or doesn’t sustain a fullness in you that makes you eager and excited to get up in the morning.
  • If your energy levels are exceptionally low, your stress levels are too high and your emotions are a zigzag of ups and downs and you don’t know why, or how to manage this.
  • If you want to know yourself better, understand yourself more fully and gain insight into why you do what you do when you do it.
  • If your way of relating to the world doesn’t bring you the results you want or the feedback you hope for.
  • If your business is in trouble, money isn’t flowing easily, client’s aren’t responding the way you need them to, staff aren’t happy or performing and you have lost that energy you used to have when you started your business.
  • If you want to start a business, but have no idea where to begin.

How do You Know it’s the Right Coach for You?

  • There should be synergy, understanding and a feeling of safety. Your coach should “get” you in a way that makes you feel that you could share your doubts, fears and dreams with them.
  • No one coach is right for all people and it’s important not to settle until you feel a good match. You should know without a doubt that they are professional, will respect and uphold confidentiality and have your best interest at heart.
  • A coach also doesn’t tell you what to do, but guides you to your own answers and mastery of your life… you should therefore feel stronger (even when dealing with painful things and heavy issues in your life) after each session.

Coaching is not for everyone… but if you experience any of the states above, do you owe it to yourself to at least try it out? Most coaches will offer a reduced rate trial session, without any obligations to continue just so you can try it out.
Respect your needs and the voice of your soul.