About Dr Mixs

Dr Mixs (or Mixs as many clients and friends call her) has a deep and un-yielding passion for purpose, spirit & truth. Love is easy. Oneness is fantastic. But, it's the human stuff she believes we're sometimes not prepared for. It's the human stuff that can be hard. Spirit without humanity is ungrounded. Humanity without spirit is destructive. We need both to flourish. What are the rules of this game called life? How can you LIVE it rather than be dictated to and overwhelmed by it? What if this life could be fun, magical and worth while? This is what Mixs focusses on. An internationally certified life and business coach, Doctor in Metaphysics and Honours student in Psychology, Mixs believes that we are complex creatures needing both inspiring spiritual connection and grounding, practical human tools. As the founder of the Seriti programme, Mixs dedicates her energy and time not only to her private practice, but also to expanding Seriti daily and bringing its wonderful energy to as many people throughout the world as possible.

… This Life is Strange

… this life is strange isn’t it?

Have you ever stopped to wonder how it all works? WHY it all works the way that it works? What makes us dream? What makes us laugh, smile, cry? Are those necessary biological functions? What is a clock and marking time really for?

Do we need these to survive?

Sometimes it […]

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… born to be HUMAN

… I know that sounds rather strange. What do you mean Mixs, born to be human? Of course I am human?

However, how often have you really, really though about what that means?

What comes with being born YOU is a whole host of genetic, energetic, multi-dimensional, sometimes emotional aspects that you have to manage, become aware […]

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Are YOU Brave Enough?

… are you tapped out? tired? do you feel like everyone is asking so much of you and you have nothing more to give? where are your emotions lately? do you even know what you need? are you managing to stay positive with all the negativity around you? are you managing to not buy into […]

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STRESS… manage it or it controls you…

It’s not a topic people easily talk about. Nor a topic easily talked about in a positive light. Usually, it’s people saying “I’m not coping”, “I don’t think I am going to make it”, “I don’t know how much more I can take”, “I wish things could be different right now” and an overwhelming feeling […]

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… Marriage, can you Commit?

Marriage. It’s a serious business. A binding contract. It has legal consequences. It has emotional, mental and physical expectations. It determines where you will live. Who you will be spending your time with. It brings with it the very heart of sacrifice and compromise and requires effective communication. To make it work, you need to […]

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Monster, Gods & Angels in the Castle. Are you Ready?

… what in you is hidden? from what within you are you hiding? to what are you holding on that you don’t even know you are?

Sometimes, questioning one’s life, one’s self, one’s reality is done too much. You forget to just be. You forget to just for a while accept what is. You forget to […]

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I Cried. I Wailed. And the Universe was Deaf to me.

Every so often, the human being, finds himself in a space of fear, isolation, doubt and pain. In this space there is only suffering. In this space there is only the present moment and its threat to intoxicate everything. In this time, there is only the lack of time, space, finances, support and wisdom. There […]

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… It’s YOUR Fault!

… it’s all YOUR fault. You screwed up. You weren’t attentive enough. You weren’t wise enough, smart enough, awake enough, involved enough or detached enough. You should have done more. You should have done less. You should have helped or said it differently. It’s your fault.

My young nephew, an incredible 2 and something year old, […]

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Soul 911: When the Whole Universe Conspires to STOP You

Stop! Halt! Hold your horses! Freeze!

How many words are there, and how many phrases, that could bring you to a stand still? And what if this incredible, beautiful universe has its own ways, its own mannerisms, its own language for asking you to just stand still?

I recently experienced, without using the swearwords I have running […]

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… Without This Rhythm, My Soul Dies

If I do not dance to the rhythm of my own soul… am I then me at all?

Are you a piece in the universe, reacting to all the other elements? Or are you a universe in and of yourself?

What if you were a whole universe? What if the point was to pivot from your own […]

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